Stellar Testimonials

 "The cherry on top is that it all feels, fits and looks amazing. I never want to go down again, but if I do, I know Ill be covered as best as can be!" ~ Sam Ray

"Personally, upgrades and modifications to suit your needs on the road for both look, safety and function goes beyond the bike itself. Being truly protected and outfitted from head to toe, is just as important as being dialed in from wheel to wheel. It simply creates a better love for the ride where looks are important and safety is first! Having this mentality I thought I had my grounds (i.e. body) covered. As this story goes, it turns out I wasn’t quite there yet. 

 At no point do you want to end up in a situation where you wished you had better protected yourself for that moment where the calculated risk leads to a “whoopsie” (or in my case, that “oh F*#%” moment.) Unfortunately I learned this the hard way having a low-side incident in the Santa Monica mountains. Luckily I had the Stellar Airflow Armored Mesh Zip Jacket underneath my deerskin leathers which protected my back, and more specifically my elbows and shoulders which were heavily impacted during my harsh encounter with the pavement. I also had a full face helmet and gloves which also took a beating but did their jobs. As for the lower half, I thought I’d done right by wearing kevlar lined denim, which was great for the slide but didn’t provide upon impact of my right knee. Immediately after the crash (upon looking at my exposed and bleeding right knee) I SO wished I had armor on my knees to pair with the abrasion resistant fabric. 

So I reached out to Jenna (owner of Stellar Moto Brand) the next day. I had a limp in my walk and the delayed soreness had set in. I remember I had just cleaned and re-dressed the gnarly wound on my knee. I sent a text to tell Jenna what had happened. I received my well earned “I told you so" response in a very compassionate and empathetic, "I've been there... this is why I made this brand" reply. Now I ride with the Dyneema stretch jeans complete with level 2 armor for my knees and hips as well as abrasion resistant fabric all over. The cherry on top is that it all feels, fits and looks amazing. I never want to go down again, but if I do, I know Ill be covered as best as can be! Thank you Stellar Moto Brand!'

 -Sam Ray 

Joshua Tree, CA


"Cool, comfortable and protected, that's what I like!"


"I hate the heat, so I don't always wear proper leg/hip protection in the LA summertime.  When Jenna, from Stellar Moto Brand, told me she had the perfect riding pants for me I told her that I am not easy to fit.  Even though she hadn't seen me in a year, the riding pants fit perfectly.  Cool, comfortable and protected that's what I like!"

- Maggie McCoy

Los Angeles, CA


"Stellar: safety and style for them
One of the things that we like most of the brands that make protective equipment is when they combine safety with style. Why is that today we want to them to talk about Stellar, a brand of protective clothing and accessories for women.

The creative mind of the firm is Jenna Stellar, whose objective is the motorcyclist can roll safe without seeming that they have just come out of a career, so your clothes are designed to be used every day by mixing the old school design with space-age technology.

This do it using fibres specially designed to withstand abrasion that is generated during a fall of the bike. Traditionally, the leather has been one of the most widely used materials, but technology has allowed to create fabrics also resist abrasion are comfortable, breathable and water resistant.

This fibre called Dyneema wonder and is one of the toughest in the world, if not more, is 15 times stronger than steel, as light as to float in water, water, tears, holes, abrasion and chemical resistant.

In other words, a marvel of technology, which combined with denim for a balance between usability and security. All this results in a level 2 CE protection. For more information, get a stuck to Stellar ( site."