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STRATOSPHERE Dyneema® Jumpsuit w/Airflow Armored Shirt SET

$1,005.00 USD

This SET comes with ATMOSPHERE Airflow Armored shirt

(chest armor sold separately)
This combo saves you $70
if you want the chest armor you still save $25

The Stratosphere Dyneema denim jumpsuit SET is a one piece CE certified fully abrasion resistant, fully armored, breathable dream come true.

 Made of 52% Dyneema fiber. The Dyneema fiber is woven into the whole fabric giving you 360 degrees of abrasion protection. It has an unbeaten weight to strength ratio which is 5x stronger and 40% lighter than Kevlar and 20 times stronger than your average denim giving you a 4 second slide time as oppose to 0.4 second. The UHMWPE Dyneema fibers are also chemical resistant and keeps its technical properties 10x longer even with the sun's UV exposure. Dyneema is also soft, flexible and thermally conductive which means it keeps the skin feeling cool in hot conditions. 

It comes equipped with HIP and adjustable KNEE armor and comes with the Stellar  Airflow Armored Zippered shirt with its SHOULDER, adjustable ELBOW, and BACK armor with chest pockets ( CHEST armor sold separately )

All CE Certified EN1621-1:2012 Level 2 SAS-TEC armor. Yes Level 2.

This allows you to be fully geared up. No need for another layer on warm days. You can simply take off the armored airflow shirt once you reach your destination. Go ahead and wear your bikini under it!
Never before has an abrasion resistant denim been so comfortable and lightweight all the while being 15x stronger than steel. Strength you will not feel. The Stratosphere Jumpsuit has stretch which allows flexibility and comfort which increases it's wearability. All day wear. Not your average thick, cumbersome, scratchy motorcycle gear. You shouldn't have to think about your gear when your wearing it. 360 means abrasion protection at every part of the garment, not just the front of the knees or just your behind. Everywhere!  

Designed to wear snug and fitted, slim cut leg, and 33" inseam. You can tuck into boots, cuff, or wear outside of boot.

Comes in 3 shades of innovative washes:

DEEP SPACE (almost black)

MIDNIGHT (mid fade navy blue) 

SUNSET (vintage light blue fade)

comes with indigo stitching allowing for your own style to shine through and to let the color naturally fade with wear and time as with all quality denim or keep the color from fading with mild hand washing and hang dry. Soak in a vinegar/water mix if you want the color to last.

Wearing this layer of Dyneema denim keeps you cooler than exposing your skin to the elements and by its special space age technology which is wicking, thus does not absorb moisture, helping you stay cool and comfortable in warmer climates.

In this combo the Airflow Armored Zipper Shirt comes with Stratosphere Jumpsuit along with BACK, SHOULDER, ELBOW, HIP, and KNEE SAS TEC Level 2 CE Certified EN 1621 armor. 

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