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THE DIFFERENCE: Here at Stellar we use specialty milled technical abrasion resistant fabrics that are produced for the sole purpose of motorcycle apparel. Along with using leather we have taken the necessary steps researching to find and to make innovative space age abrasion resistant, comfortable, breathable, water resistant, single layer stretch fabrics. Offering the superior CE certified Level 2 armor as well.

Leather: Leather is still the best when it comes to abrasion resistance but only if is at least 1.1mm to 1.5mm ( 2.75oz to 3.75oz. ) weight cowhide. Competition weight is approximately 1.6mm or 4.0 oz.  Anything else is a fashion jacket and not much protection. We use full grain and top grain leather that has not been corrected from natural marks (e.g. sanded down with added faux skin grain and/or hard plastic coating or pebbled ). This ensures the leather more breathable and softer having kept in the natural oils which makes it last a lifetime.

Stitching: Protection from road abrasion cannot be guaranteed by materials alone if there is low quality stitching where seams may come apart in a slide or impact.  At Stellar we use abrasion resistant threads and triple stitching, 2 inside and one outside or topstitch thus if the topstitch takes the slide you still have two more inside. No single open seams (one inside) and no caballo/flat-felled seams (double stitch  that expose the inner stitching to the outer garment).
We also keep seams at a minimum. The less seams, the less chance of bursting open. 

Armor Pockets: All Stellar jeans and jackets have armor pockets and come equipped with level 2 armor in high impact zone areas.
They are made of stretch breathable mesh just like our Atmosphere airflow armored shirt and leggings. Soft on the skin with adjustable height for the elbows and knees with our velcro system with no velcro touching the skin!

Our Dyneema denimStratosphere jumpsuit and Zenith Dyneema coveralls has hip and knee pockets sewn into it but recommends our Atmosphere armor mesh airflow shirt to wear underneath, this way you can remove the armor shirt once you reach your destination thus eliminating a jacket in warmer weather. You also have the choice to not wear the armor shirt if you plan to wear your armored jacket over.



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