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April, 26 2021

I want give a huge shoutout to ALL motorcyclists who encourage me everyday by sending lovely emails, DM’s, wearing Stellar gear and by letting me know that Stellar is making a difference in their confidence knowing they are geared up with the best safety features integrated into easy going everyday fashion."


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Female motorcyclist wearing protective gear


March, 27 2021

Stellar Moto Brand talks Incremental Ways to Find and Convert your Global Tribe!

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

March, 19 2021

I have fallen in love with Stellar. I am a nerd for protective gear and Jenna sold me!"


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females wearing motorcycle gear


JAN, 20 2021

You hear the proverb ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ all the time, but Jenna Stellar’s case is particularly apropos."


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NOV, 16 2020

Behind-the-scenes with Stellar Moto Brand founder Jenna Stellar…the crash that drove her to start her own brand, and how she links fashion and tech to keep women riders safer.

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Voyage LA

JUNE 2020

Today we'd like to introduce you to Jenna Stellar.

...This really is a dream come true for me. To combine all my favorite passions and to help protect people at the same time makes me so happy. STELLAR Moto Brand first and foremost is a motorcycle brand that has the latest advanced high-tech protection that just so happens to look classically badass. Street wear that can protect your assets if a mishap happens.


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APR, 6 2020


36: Stellar Moto Brand with Jenna Stellar

We sit down with Jenna Stellar of Stellar Moto Brand and find out how she got in to motorcycling and the need to create protective gear for women that is fashionable but more importantly functional. She recently "launched" her menswear line with a commercial featuring Jesse Hughes. . .


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JUNE 2019


Stellar Moto Brand Makes Tough Gear For Women Who Ride

More American women are buying motorcycles than ever. Meet the L.A. designer whose gear is keeping them safe 


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MAR, 30 2019

Dy-nee-mite: Stellar Moto Brand Stratosphere Dyneema Jumpsuit"


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Dec 1, 2018


Women are now 19 percent of U.S. riders, but that's not all they're doing

Women are doing more than riding, too...


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Working in the motorcycle industry for the past decade, I’ve had more women contacting me for help with riding gear and learning to ride. But that's not all women are doing. More importantly, many of us have decided to take matters into our own hands by starting our own motorcycle resources or businesses. Brands like GoGoGear, Stellar Moto Brand, Curvy Riderz and Worse For Wear were all started by female entrepreneurs seeking to provide better apparel options for women.



Aug 17, 2018


5 Questions with Stellar Moto Brand Founder Jenna Stellar

This Hollywood costume maker rides and knows how to fit your body!


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CycleWorld 8.2018

 Los Angeles native Jenna Stellar vividly remembers going to sidecar races all around Southern California to watch her father race in the late ’70s. As a Hollywood costumer and rider, she’s uniquely qualified to boldly launch a motorcycle clothing company. Whereas the demands of movies and television warrant all-nighters and one-off garments, motorcycle gear for women especially seemed like a cakewalk for Stellar, who launched her company nearly two years ago.


Ridewell 2018


March 12, 2018


No Compromises: Stellar Moto Stratosphere Jumpsuit Review


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Buying motorcycle gear is often a game of trade-offs. Sacrifice a bit of style for better protection, sacrifice a little protection for better cooling, sacrifice everything you had hoped for because nothing fits quite right…

It’s rare for one piece of gear to completely live up to expectations. But the Stellar Moto Stratosphere jumpsuit exceeded my expectations — and more.



July 26, 2017


Biker Women Have More Options Than Ever


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Racked 2017

When the right jacket is all that’s between you and the road, your style is life or death.

Alisa Clickenger was a self-described “shy housewife” going through a stressful divorce when she had the dream:

It was 1940s wartime France and I was running. I was running for my life and somebody was chasing me. Ahead of me I saw this motorcycle parked by the side of a lake. There were bombs going off like fireworks in the reflection of the water behind the bike, but I just fixated on the bike and I started running toward the bike. In the magical way of dreams, when I hopped on I knew how to operate it. And so I started it up and I sped off away from imminent danger.



June 15, 2017


Space-Age Tech Meets Old-School Cool: An Interview with Jenna of Stellar Moto


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One of the best things about the motorcycle community is that there’s no shortage of great people doing great things — whether that’s working on an inventive new build, starting a new event or group, or launching a new company.

And I especially love spreading the word about quality, protective motorcycle gear for women, so I knew within minutes of meeting Jenna Stellar of Stellar Moto that I wanted to have her on the blog.

Stellar Moto is a new female-focused motorcycle gear company that is, as the website says, “hellbent on getting the motorcycle culture to gear up with technical apparel that will not assault the eyes.”



Oct 6, 2017


Armored jump suits with protective padding on shoulders, hips, knees and back will make you feel like a warrior charging down the road on your metal steed. Hi ho, Silver, away!


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Nov 14, 2017


Stellar Moto Brand Profile and Stratosphere Jumpsuit Review 


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Ultimate Motorcycling 2017

Vintage & Tech Dream Come True

Inspired by the idea that it would be cool to rock a jumpsuit on my vintage-inspired dirt and road bikes like the classic riders from the 60s and 70s, I spent hours on the internet looking for a motorcycle worthy jumpsuit that would fit the bill. My search was exhaustive, yet fruitless.

Little did I know about Jenna Stellar, a Los Angeles-based woman who was working on this exact project. Raised riding motorcycles and sidecars with her dad, Jenna attended fashion design school, winning awards for creating motocross-inspired workout gear during her studies.



 Ridewell 2017


Nov 14, 2017


 13 Thoughtful, Affordable Gifts for Motorcyclists


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Reflective Stickers and Patches, Stellar Moto

In addition to her darling abrasion-resistant jumpsuits and jeans, Stellar Moto sells these awesome stickers and patches. Now, these aren’t your everyday stickers and patches — these bad boys are reflective, which means your recipient can slap them on anywhere they feel they need a bit of extra visibility. The stickers come in stars, diamonds, hearts and more. ($3-7)


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