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Never compromise on performance, protection, strength and comfort.

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is the worlds strongest fiber.

15 times stronger than steel, extremely light, water resistant, tear resistant, puncture resistant, abrasion resistant ,and chemical resistant.
Using a double weave beam technology, meaning the Dyneema fiber is used in a warp and weft direction, for 360 degree protection. It is the only textile capable of protecting against abrasion with a single layer of fabric while still providing the comfort and look of real denim.

Stellar uses this space age modern technology in a STRETCH denim: 
52% Dyneema fiber, 37% cotton, 9% nylon, 2% elastine : 13oz single layer abrasion resistant denim that is certified CE EN13595-1 European motorcycle safety standards.
No need for an extra layer of Kevlar between you and denim.
 Dyneema content at 52% gives you 4 seconds slide time as oppose to traditional cotton jeans of 0.4 seconds.
Strength you will not feel. It is flexible, soft, breathable, wicking and will beautifully patina over time.
Dyneema also delivers the lowest carbon footprint per unit of strength making it the greenest of all competitors and an amazing alternative to leather, a vegan choice in moto gear 

Wearing this layer of Dyneema denim keeps you cooler than exposing your skin to the elements being thermal conductive keeping your skin cooler in hot conditions and wicking, thus does not absorb moisture, helping you stay cool and comfortable in warmer climates.
The UHMWPE Dyneema fibers are also chemical resistant and keeps its technical properties 10x longer even with the sun's UV exposure.
 Dyneema®, not only the strongest fiber

Through innovation and collaboration the portfolio has expended not only in applications but also as different forms. From fiber, to unidirectional sheets, to fabrics. All share these winning properties:
  • Ultra high strength versus weight (15 times stronger than steel, on weight per weight ratio)
  • Low elongation at breaking point
  • High resistance to UV radiation
  • Chemically inert
  • Highly flexible
  • High energy absorption
  • No smell or taste, non-toxic
  • Self-lubricating, with low friction
    That is why over the last 25 years, its exceptional properties have made Dyneema® indispensable for high-stake industries like motorsports.
    Convention-breaking next-level Denim!
    Denim was always the choice for people who need sturdy, protective workwear. Dyneema® is the strongest and most durable fiber in the world. So combining the two is the perfect way to increase durability, toughness, protection, and cut resistance, without reducing comfort.

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