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Restocked! ATMOSPHERE Airflow Armored shirt and leggings SET

$375.00 USD



 Superior airflow armor shirt and leggings with performance perforated fabric produced exclusively for Stellar with ventilation throughout, maximum mobility, wicking technology with barely noticeable level 2 armor

This SET comes at a discount when bundled together with a savings of $39.00 

Originally designed the shirt to be worn under our abrasion resistant Stratosphere Jumpsuit and knew it was perfect under any moto outerwear such as a leather jacket without armor pockets or your favorite vintage jacket or if you just like the idea of having your armor in it's proper place.

The leggings are for all that gear you have that doesn't have knee and hip armor or if you want fabulous Level 2 soft armor. 

Perfect for off road riding and as a wicking base layer under racing leathers too ! Don't forget to use it before trying some new tricks on your skateboard !!!

Part of the Stellar armor system, this super soft comfortable stretch RIPSTOP perforated/mesh zippered shirt allows airflow throughout giving 360 degrees of ventilation all while holding the impact protection armor in place. Perfect for HOT as hell weather. 

Comfortable, extremely lightweight mesh which helps facilitate optimal ventilation while riding and wicks moisture away from the body keeping riders cool, allowing freedom of movement and airflow thus reducing fatigue. In cooler weather simply add a layer this way you are ready for weather changes.

 This easy to remove base layer has a YKK zipper front covered inside for a super soft touch if its against the skin . Made of wicking poly spandex RIPSTOP perforated mesh which keep its shape and sewn without bulky seams and no scratchy velcro touching your skin. This armor is molded to conform to your body contours. Amazing ergonomics !

LEVEL 2 ARMOR!!! Comes with CE Certified EN1621-1:2012 Level 2 SAS TEC armor for the back, shoulders, chest and adjustable elbows with a velcro system and has thumb holes for easy positioning.

ARMOR : SAS-TEC body protection systems is made of viscoelastic foam with memory effect that has outstanding shock absorption values without a hard shell

to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and will not harden up in lower temperatures. SAS-TEC is environmentally conscious partially made of recyclable materials and can last up to 10 years ,unlike other viscoelastic armor that only lasts 2-3 years. Lightweight, comfortable, anti-microbial, temperature stable, will not absorb water, multi impact compliant, truly technically superior protection !

 It surpasses the required CE level values by 50% making it a CE Level 2 protection. CE EN1621-1:2012 The closed air cells function by means of progressive absorption. The material is soft and flexible ( more pliable with body heat) in its normal state but a sudden impact will cause the protectors to harden and absorb the impact without transmitting the force to the body then will quickly revert to its original shape. Even if the same area of the protector receives repeated impacts, it maintains its fully functional capability and can withstand up.

MEN should size up with our unisex sizing

* If you need different sizes of each go ahead and order the size of the shirt and add what size you prefer of the leggings in the note section.

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